Activity of Assessor Team of BAN-PT at Udayana University

Jimbaran - Unud Accreditation by assessor team took place on Sunday (10/23) until the next two days. Today the assessor team has visited the Experimental Farm Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana Hospital, and Rector Building of Udayana University.
The plan after today's visit, the assessor team will continue the agenda with a dinner with the Rector, the Vice Rector I, II, III, IV and invitees at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Jimbaran. After that, the accreditation will resume on Monday (10/24) at 08.30 pm in the auditorium of Widia Sabha Bukit, Jimbaran with advanced that event, the opening of which is filled with Balinese dances, speech of Rector of Udayana University, and speech of the assessor team.
Then the agenda will be followed by a presentation of the rector, the deepening of the assessor team, the intercept-Culture workshop FIB, wirma FMHD until 12.00 pm. The event will continue again at 01.30 pm and 03.00 pm with the agenda of the assessor team meetings with students, professors, employees, technicians and alumni. (kezia)