Bisnis Business Proposal Writing Training Entrepreneurship Students Unit

The situation of first training

Entrepreneurship Unit (UKM) Udayana University held a Business Proposal Writing Training. The first training was held in Experiment Farm of Faculty of Agriculture Udayana University on Saturday (10/22). This training was aim to introduce the systematic of business proposal to members of Entrepreneurship Unit (UKM). It is hoped they can make business proposal, participating various competition, and realizing their business idea.

The speaker in this first training was Sayu Ketut Sutrisna Dewi, S.E., M.M., Ak. with general workshop material to find business idea. How to improve self-potency to be an entrepreneur covered in the general workshop. Many motivations were given in this activity in order they can realize their business idea.

This training would hold four times every Saturday. The material in second meeting is the systematic of business proposal writing and canvas model business by Ayu Desi Indrawati, S.E., M.M.. The third meeting is submitting and presentation of business proposal. Anggun Saraswati as the head of organizer said they are three judges who would assess the proposal and presentation of participants. They are expert in finance management, practitioner, and academician.

The last meeting is the provisioning by the juries and public speaking material. In this meeting, there will a signature contract to loan capital acceptance for favorite five businesses. These five business would be trained and observe to determine the winner.

Annisa Fauziah A.R as the head of Entrepreneurship students unit of Udaya University said “I hope they can follow this training until end and can realizing their business idea. It also hoped this activity is not only useful when they are in campus, but also when they are in outside campus, for example when seeking an investor.” Annisa added, this proposal training is a training process to participate in various competitions. The nearest competition is Business Plan Week of National Entrepeneurship competition that held by Airlangga University. (sobhita)