BEM FISIP UNUD to Conduct Community Service with HIMPUS

BEM FISIP UNUD, HIMPUS UNUD taking picture with the students at the end of the activity

In order to carry out its working program, BEM FISIP UNUD conducted community service at SDN 1 Tembuku, Bangli. It took place on October 15th, 2016 and attended by 20 representatives of BEM UNUD and HIMPUS UNUD. According to Raka Dewata, as chairman of this activity, community service was carried out because of the working program of BEM FISIP UNUD, which should be held during the introduction or orientation of community service to the new students FISIP UNUD namely Students Orientation Development (Bina Orientasi Mahasiswa or BOM), but because its implementation was postponed then this activity was initiated. Raka also added that this activity was aimed to strengthening the relationship between Tembuku Village and FISIP UNUD, it also meant to prove that the BEM FISIP UNUD was capable of performing community service through early childhood education which as teaching.

In carrying out the community service, BEM FISIP UNUD cooperated with HIMPUS (Library Student Association) of UNUD. The reason for BEM FISIP UNUD to take HIMPUS for the success this activity was due to the aim of the activity itself, which was to improve and develop interest in reading and literature to students in 5th and 6th grade because thaose classes were considered mature enough in comprehending the material. And, in addition to providing information about the importance of reading and matters related to the library, students were also expected to be aware of types of departments provided in FISIP UNUD such as HIMPUS itself. Raka also mentioned that the reason for choosing SDN 1 Tembuku as the object of this activity was due to the fact that Tembuku village would be the place where Students Orientation Development (Bina Orientasi Mahasiswa or BOM), take place on January 2017.

The system in this event was to provide instruction and to teach students in the school, in which 20 members of Social BEM UNUD and HIMPUS grouped themselves as many as the teaching material to be given. BEM FISIP UNUD’s part was to teach the subject to the children of 1st until 4th grade, and HIMPUS taught 5th until 6th grade. The material presented by BEM FISIP was about understanding the different types of rubbish such as organic and inorganic waste, waste management, garbage hazard, and others. The material taught to students was related to the activities that would be done by BOM on January in the following year, in which BOM activities would focus on preserving the environment. Besides teaching the material, BEM FISIP UNUD also providing some provisions to the school such as books, stationeries, as well as educative posters for the students. At the end of the activity, there was taking picture session when the 20 representatives and the students immortalize the moment. (dessrimama)