Campus Visit by SMAN 1 Way Tenong

On Monday, October 10, 2016 at Widya Sabha-Bukit Jimbaran, University of Udayana was visited by SMAN 1 Way Tenong (West Lampung) for campus study. It was about 135 students and 12 teachers participated in the campus study. The campus study was aimed of introducing the university and also the level of Higher Education which will be useful for students in their future study.

 University of Udayana was represented by the Head of Academic Administration Bureau, Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi and Made Budiastrawan, S.Kom (Academic Staff) who had particularly welcome the delegates as well as doing the promotional of Studies Program. The visit starts at 10:00 to 11:30 pm and it was very exciting, because a lot of students were busy asking questions to the representatives of the University of Udayana. Questions that arose included the admission of new students, especially in the University of Udayana and others. After the presentation and Q&A sessions by Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi and Made Budiastrawan, S.Kom, the event ended with the exchange of souvenirs from both institution.

Here are some pictures of the event: