The Spirit of Tolerance and Sharing Kindness in the Holy Month of Ramadan with the Udayana University Communication Science Student Association

Denpasar, Sunday (10/4). The Student Association of Communication Studies Program or HIMANIKA is now closely associated with what is called Communication Care (CommCare). This activity is a routine program held by HIMANIKA every month. As a form of tolerance between religious communities, this month CommCare is packaged into takjil sharing activities. Takjil is food that is consumed when breaking the fast by Muslims who are fasting.

The takjil sharing activity was carried out at the Sudirman Grand Mosque, precisely near the Udayana University Campus in the Sudirman area, Denpasar. Communication Care will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2022 starting from 17.30 until the takjil is finished. In its implementation, there are several HIMANIKA functionaries who participate directly in the field in takjil sharing activities, such as Division 1 as the pioneer of Communication Care activities, Field 2 as documenting activities, and Field 4 as functionaries who carry out live reports.

Nevertheless, the Communication Science Student Association, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences still synergizes in the success of Communcation Care activities. This can be seen from the donations given by communication science students which are of course intended for the Muslim community around the Sudirman Grand Mosque. The takjil distributed also varied, ranging from marrow porridge, black sticky rice, to green bean porridge which was produced by HIMANIKA FISIP UNUD.

Pluralism does not mean division, but plurality is unity. Religious differences are not a barrier to doing good. As human beings with character and virtuous character, it is fitting for us to do good to anyone, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. This is the reason for holding Communication Care by the Communication Science Student Association of FISIP UNUD.