The Chancellor of Telkom University gives a Guest Lecture at the Information Technology Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University.

Thursday, March 31, 2022, a Guest Lecture was held with the "Building Digital Talent for Indonesian Technology Independence" theme. This guest lecture was very special because it directly brought the Telkom University Chancellor as a guest lecturer. More specifically, this was the first face-to-face meeting. The holding of this guest lecture cannot be separated from the excellent cooperation between the Information Technology Study Program and Telkom University, as stated in the Inter-Institutional Cooperation Agreement. The guest lecture lasted for 2 hours and was held in the Suastika Hall of the Information Technology Building, Faculty of Engineering, 4th Floor. Also present as an invitation The Coordinator of the Information Technology Study Program and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering also opened this guest lecture.

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya


Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, in his presentation of the material, gave ten skills that were revealed to be four primary skills that must be possessed by students in the current digital era, namely: Problem-Solving, Self Management, Working With People, and Technology Use and Development. The lecturer, who completed his undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral education at the Bandung Institute of Technology, also explained the Merdeka Learning Independent Campus learning activities focusing on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or sustainable development goals. As is known, 69% of the SDGs are related and require technology so that students are directed to be more innovative and continue to work for the nation's progress. With this provision, students are expected to have digital skills, digital potential, and digital readiness to be competitive to see digital business opportunities in Indonesia


This guest lecture activity provides tremendous benefits for Information Technology Study Program students. At the end of the material presentation session, this Telkom University professor distributed quota vouchers to participants who were actively discussing during the activity. Guest lecture activities are a routine agenda carried out by the Information Technology Study Program, Faculty of Engineering by bringing in speakers from the Industry and other educational institutions from within and outside the country. In addition to providing a new academic feel, this activity also provides an opportunity for students to get to know industrial life from an early age. They are given knowledge and updates about current technological developments.


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Ir. I Ketut Sudarsana, ST, Ph.D.


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Ir. I Ketut Sudarsana, ST, Ph.D. Says Activities like this should be carried out in a sustainable manner by bringing in competent resource persons in their fields so that our students have a broader insight both about the life of the industrial world and the education system at other institutions. This early opening of students' horizons is the spirit of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) activity which is being intensively carried out by the ministry of education, culture, research and technology and is one of the targets of the Main Performance Indicators (IKU) which are charged to all educational institutions. in Indonesia. "We encourage and facilitate our students to participate in one of the MBKM activities," said Dr. Sudarsana. Information Technology Study Program students have a very broad opportunity to gain practical experience at world-class IT companies such as Google Bangkit, he added.