The Excellent Center for Advanced Vehicle Training and Simulation Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University held the 3rd automotive training

The Engineering Faculty of Udayana University through the Excellent Center for Advanced Vehicle Training and Simulation (ECA-VTS) program held the 3rd automotive training at the Engineering Knowledge Transfer Unit (EKTU) Laboratory of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program at Jimbaran campus on March 18, 2022.

This one-day Vocational Training specifically discusses material about battery cell testing, maintenance and trouble shooting on Hybrid vehicle systems. The training this time was limited to 8 participants. The participants who participated came from industry and the university environment. Participants from industry were represented by Sumber Agung Motor and Makara EV.4. The other participants came from the Weimana Student Activity Unit of Udayana University as many as 4 people and 2 others from the Mechanical Engineering Masters Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University.

The event was opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning Prof. I Nyoman Suprapta Winaya who is also the head of the research team at Project United Erasmus. This project is a project consisting of 6 countries including Germany, Austria, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The automotive training aims to instill the competence of participants in mastering hybrid vehicle technology and simulation using the Ansys program, he said on the sidelines of the opening.

Separately, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Ir. I Ketut Sudarsana, ST., Ph.D. when contacted said that international cooperation involving campuses and industry must continue to be improved to achieve the target of sustainable Main Work Indicators. Meanwhile, Head of Project of United Erasmus Udayana University Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, Ph.D. who was present at the training and certificate submission session at the closing said that for this year there would be 10 training sessions and it is hoped that in the future this activity will involve more of the automotive industry.