Online Lecture with Mr Oleg Dmitirev and Sputnik 2022 - Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University : Why Modern Media Are Attractive For Young People?

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of Udayana State University (UNUD) held a general class on Wednesday (16/03) via the Zoom Meeting application. The theme for this general class is “Why Modern Media Are Attractive For Young People?”

“This lecture is the second time that Udayana University has collaborated with the Russian news agency Sputnik. This also shows that even though there is tension in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine, it does not dampen the enthusiasm to share and learn about the role of the media in life. I hope that this event will continue and it is an honor for FISIP to continue to cooperate with Sputnik,” explained Ni Made Ras Amanda as Deputy Dean 1 of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University.

The general class was discussed in depth with an expert speaker

in his field, namely Mr. Oleg Dmitriev (Advisor at Rossiya Segodya. PhD (Philology), Professor at the School of Media, Higher School of Economics) in the form of material presentations and question and answer sessions. The online class was attended by around 150 participants, which were dominated by the Udayana University academic community from the Communication Studies study program.

“In writing news with topics that are quite sensitive, a journalist must be able to verify the source of the news, the latest developments of events and pay attention to the regulations that apply in the affected area. Avoid doing plagiarism in making news,” said Mr. Oleg Dmitriev. He also added that all news readers should continue to view information through many sources so that they are not quickly consumed by fake news/hoaxes that are spread in the media.

Mr. Oleg Dmitriev also explained that there are several tips that can be applied in making news that attracts the attention of readers, including knowing the target audience, choosing the types of news topics that are interesting to read.


The purpose of this general class is to provide useful information about the current state of the media and news. It is hoped that with this online class the participants can observe and ensure the authenticity of various news contents spread in the media.