Talking about the Role and Position of Students in the Digital World: Personal Data, Important Digital Assets and Their Protection

Denpasar, 7th March 2022 – The Udayana University Communication Studies Program held an online class with the theme “Personal Data, Important Digital Assets & Their Protection” online via Webex.  This online class invites Guest Lecturer, Dr.  Firman Kurniawan as Observer of Digital Culture and Communication at the University of Indonesia and guided by I Dewa Ayu Sugiarica Joni, MA.  Who is a lecturer in Communication Studies as well as the Coordinator of the Communication Studies Program at UdayanaUniversity.


This theme was raised as a response to the reality of the increasingly rapid development of the digital world, especially as an adaptation during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made most activities required to use digital devices. Therefore, the existence of information becomes a necessity.  With the massive amount of information, various information can be obtained quickly and it is necessary to pay attention to the security of personal data with the threats that follow.  According to Dr.  Firman Kurniawan that we need to pay attention to the privacy aspect in digital data and address the current problem, namely that our personal data is used by individuals for sale and will later cause various other further problems.


This activity was attended by 60 students of Communication Studies class 2019 as participants, which aims to emphasize the importance of data security by discussing the potential risks in processing personal data.  In addition, students as youth are the primary subsets of technology that are strategically positioned as data sources, namely the group of young intellectuals who produce data. If it is not noticed, it will lead to bias and discrimination against the subject of personal data.  Students are required to be able to maintain personal data and it is not easy to provide personal information such as, personal data on ID cards, and others to certain people, including social media passwords. Therefore, Dr. Firman Kurniawan points out that the knowledge of data and digital in every person becomes more critical in the use and response to things in the digital world.


-The End-