At the beginning of 2022, the UNUD Doctor of Laws Promotion Open Exam was conducted by I Nengah Suriata

Denpasar – I Nengah Suriata, an educator from Stispol Wira Bhakti Denpasar, continued his doctoral degree (S3) at the Doctoral Study Program in Law, Faculty of Law, Udayana University. Thanks to his tenacity and persistence, the Doctoral degree can be achieved with the implementation of the Doctoral Promotion Open Examination on January 5, 2022 at the Hall of the Faculty of Law, Udayana University, this time the exam was also held with Hybrid Offline and Online media. Appointed a dissertation entitled "Supervision of the Governor as a Representative of the Central Government in the Context of Equitable Welfare" People in the Region".

The Doctoral Promotion Open Examination which lasted for 2 hours was led directly by the Dean of FH UNUD, Dr. Putu Gede Arya Sumerta Yasa, SH., M. Hum, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Parsa, SH., M. Hum as the Promoter, Dr. Gede Marhaendra Wija Atmaja, SH., M. Hum as Copromotor 1, Dr. I Gusti Ayu Putri Kartika, SH., MH as Co-promoter II, and was tested by 4 other examiners/debaters.

In his dissertation, I Nengah Suriata said that the essence of the governor's supervision as a representative of the central government in the regions, namely, supervision by the governor to realize a better quality of life improvement to achieve equitable distribution of people's welfare in a just region. The governor as the representative of the central government in the regions, always carries out supervision over absolute government affairs which are delegated by the central government and mandatory government affairs as well as choices and deconcentration which are the basis for their implementation, so as to achieve an increase in the quality of life of the community, in order to achieve people's welfare fairly for the regions. regional government as well as supervision of the implementation of regional government with reflexive supervision supported by direct community supervision. (Dan/FH)