Guest Lecture Psychiatry Specialist Study Program

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A Guest Lecture has been held by Specialist 1 Psychiatry Study Program in collaboration with the Information Management and Cooperation Unit (UPIKS) inviting guest lecturer speakers from McGill University Canada Prof. Lairencr J Kirmayer MD, FRCPC, FCAHS, FRSC through online media. This activity is the first guest lecture to open the Udayana Medical Health Guest Lecture Series during December-November 2021.

This activity was also attended and opened by the Dean of FK Unud Dr.dr. I Komang Januartha Putra Pinatih, M.Kes., where the activity ran smoothly and was attended by a number of students not only from the Psychiatry Specialist Study Program, but also from various study programs at FK Unud and alumni. It is hoped that this activity will further increase the capacity of medical practitioners to consider cultural aspects in clinical practice and therapy planning. More broadly, this activity is expected to be the initiation of collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University and McGill University Canada.