Presenting Rustika Herlambang, FISIP Udayana Holds Public Lecture on Digital Era Communication

Denpasar, Responding to the rapidly growing development of digital communication, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University seeks to provide knowledge and insight to students so that they are wise in using digital platforms. The public lecture presented by Indonesia Indicator took place in the Hall of the FISIP Building. (06/06/2023)


The current digital era has changed various aspects of life. Changes that started from small things such as communication between individuals, have now had an impact on big things such as the distribution of information, political aspects, and so on. Such rapid development certainly brings a number of challenges and opportunities that must be understood. Moving on from this, this public lecture took the theme "Communication in the Digital Age: Between Opportunities and Challenges", presenting Rustika Herlambang as Director of Communications for Indonesia Indicator as a resource person.


The activity which took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences Building, began with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Social Sciences and Indonesia Indicator. In addition to public lectures, Social Sciences also carries out work within the framework of teaching practitioners in classes organized by study programs within the Faculty of Social Sciences. Public lecture activities took place where the speakers were accompanied by Deputy Dean 1 of Social Sciences at Udayana University, Dr. Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, S.Sos.,M.Sc. Also present were the Dean of Social Sciences at Udayana University, Dr. Drs. I Nengah Punia, M.Sc., together with the coordinator and a number of lecturers from each study program within the Faculty of Social Sciences.


As quoted in the material provided, the digital era is an age where all activities that support life can be facilitated by the presence of sophisticated technology. Responding to these conditions, Rustika Herlambang mentioned several opportunities and challenges that must be faced in the digital era. Not only that, it also explains case examples from the positive and negative sides of social media, as well as comparisons between the analog era and the digital era. At the end of the session, the big data collection methods were also explained.
During the course of the material session, participants who came from 6 study programs at FISIP Udayana were very enthusiastic in responding to every question raised as a trigger. At the closing event, Rustika Herlamabang advised Gen Z who attended, to continue to improve knowledge and skills, and be able to adapt to the times, otherwise we will be crushed by the times. This activity ended with a group photo activity. (Ritaro)