Communication Studies Students Organize a Photography Exhibition as the Final Result of Lectures

The Photography Class of the Udayana University FISIP Communication Study Program held a photography exhibition at the FISIP Sudirman Building, Denpasar. There are 21 photographs by students spread across the FISIP building area from the 2nd to 4th floors. The photos taken by the participants varied according to the students' interests and interest in a visual object.

The course taught by I Dewa Ayu Sugiarica Joni, S.Sos., MA and Calvin Damasemil, S.I.Kom., M.Si aims to enable students to express their interests and talents in the form of visual communication. As a form of implementation of the learning process in the field of communication science.

The message contained in each photo also varies, because each student's understanding of a visual object is different. Each photo attached has a caption to explain the message and meaning contained in the photo, so that visitors who see it understand the message the photographer wants to convey.

Starting from photos of models, food, human interest, scenery, and others, well presented collective results between students and supporting lecturers. A quite long process, but the results presented by the students are expected to be a springboard for similar activities in the UNUD Communication Studies Study Program.

This exhibition will take place from 6 - 20 March 2023. Hopefully with the photography exhibition, in the future the photography course will be able to carry out other exhibitions on a larger scale, so that the implementation of forms of visual communication and creativity from Communication Science Study Program students can be illustrated from this activity .