Inviting the Ambassador of Ukraine, FISIP Udayana Held a Public Lecture on Geopolitics

Denpasar, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Udayana University held a Public Lecture by inviting the Ukrainian Embassy to Indonesia for a public lecture with a geopolitical theme. The public lecture activities took place in the Udayana Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Hall. (9/12/2022)

This public lecture activity raised the topic "War In Ukraine and Geopolitical Impact" intending to help students understand the problems of the Ukrainian war from a geopolitical perspective. In addition to this, the urgency of the topic is motivated by the message of world peace and democratic principles that Indonesia continues to intensify, as well as the complexity of the problem of the war in Ukraine which is important for students to understand.

To achieve this goal, FISIP Udayana presented Vasyl Hamianin from the Ukrainian Embassy for Indonesia as a speaker. The public lecture was started by giving souvenirs by Dr Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, S.Sos., M.Sc., as the host and representative of FISIP Udayana to the speaker. On this occasion, Vasyl Hamianin explained several materials related to the crisis and geopolitical issues in the Ukraine war.

In elaborating his material, Vasyl Hamianin also alluded to Volodymyr Zelenskyy's speech at the G20 activity, which discussed 10 ways of peace that can be applied to any military war as an education to the world. In addition, there are 4 ways to overcome crises, namely recognizing what problems exist, rooting problems that occur, finding the core of the problem and solving the core of the problem, and having the courage to take action.

The activity continued with a question and answer session guided by Drs. I Ketut Putra Erawan, M.A., PhD, as Udayana's Lecturer in Political Science. In this session, the enthusiasm of the participants who were students from the Udayana Political Science and International Relations study program was reflected during the presentation of the material and their participation in asking questions. Several sub-topics came to the attention of the participants' questions, namely: the effects of the war on the economy of Ukraine; Ukraine's efforts to help society during crises and wars; imbalance in response to the war that occurred in Ukraine with the war that occurred in other countries; as well as the role of the Ambassador himself about the Ukrainian war.

At the end of this activity, Vasyl Hamianin gave a message to students to keep being themselves and be brave and continue to develop critical thinking because it is the young generation who will represent their country and also the future of their country. The public lecture activity was closed with a group photo session. (Tr)