PKM Karsa Cipta Team PIMNAS 35 Contingent Udayana University Wins Silver Award

The 35th National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS 35) is a national scale competition in the fields of Research, Innovation, Design, Competition. PIMNAS is one of the elaborations of the National Achievement Center program to create a competitive academic climate among Indonesian students. PIMNAS as a forum for scientific meetings and communication of student creations, is attended by students or the Student Creativity Program (PKM) team group. The activity was carried out offline with Muhammadiyah Malang University, East Java as this year's host. In addition, the implementation of the event is broadcast online via live streaming on the University of Muhammadiyah Malang YouTube channel. At this event, the PKM Karsa Cipta team of the University PIMNAS contingent won an Award equivalent to Presentation Class Silver


National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) is an annual student innovation and research competition organized by the National Achievement Center and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. PIMNAS has been held for the last 35 years and is a prestigious event for all Indonesian students. PIMNAS 35 itself is the last stage of the Student Creativity Program (PKM) which has been going on since February 2022. Students prepare their best ideas to be able to obtain funding for certain schemes, one of which is PKM Karsa Cipta (KC) which competes for functional prototype innovation for solving everyday problems with the latest technology.


Students submit Student Creativity Program (PKM) proposals to the tertiary institutions for selection to obtain a username and password to submit to the Simbelmawa page. Proposals will be assessed by a national reviewer team in order to obtain a proposal title that is entitled to receive program funding. The implementation of the program will be carried out for 4 months from 1 June to 30 September 2022. At the end of implementation, the sustainability of the program will be evaluated in the Student Creativity Program Progress Assessment (PKP2). The evaluation carried out was in the form of an assessment of ideas and innovations, the level of achievement of program outputs, and the potential for program sustainability. Teams that meet the assessment aspects and participant quotas will proceed to the PIMNAS stage. The total number of teams that have successfully passed to PIMNAS is 374 from all PKM schemes.



The Glaucoma Assist (Glassist) team consists of 3 students from the Faculty of Engineering (I Gede Febri Bala Antara and I Made Putra Arya Winata from the Mechanical Engineering Study Program and Ketut Tri Andika Ariana from the Information Technology Study Program) and 2 students from the Faculty of Medicine (Putu Emilia Dewi and Ni Putu Eka Frastika Sari from the Bachelor of Medicine Study Program). Glassist applies mathematical geometric models and artificial intelligence technology to detect the risk of blindness due to glaucoma which is an international health emergency. The Glassist team participated in the PKM program with the hope of realizing a prototype so that it can support efforts to eradicate the causes of blindness in the community.


Teams/groups of students who have been declared eligible to qualify for PIMNAS through a series of Student Creativity Program Progress Assessments (PKP2). PIMNAS participants are representatives from universities. PIMNAS 35 contingent at Udayana University consisting of 2 student teams (5 PKM Karsa Cipta teams and 5 PKM Application of Science and Technology teams), 2 accompanying lecturers, and 4 officials. The supervisor for the contest participants was Prof. I Wayan Widhiada, ST., M.Sc., Ph.D.


The series of activities lasted 5 days, 1 day for offline participant registration and opening ceremony (Wednesday, November 30, 2022), 2 days for competitions (first day presentation on Thursday, December 1, 2022; second day presentation, poster assessment, and joint lectures on Friday, December 2, 2022), as well as 1 day for college leadership workshops, closing ceremonies, and award nights. The activity took place offline at the Joint Lecture Building (for poster presentation and evaluation) and the University of Muhammadiyah Malang Dome (for the opening and closing ceremonies and the awarding night.


The PIMNAS competition mechanism consists of scientific presentations and poster scoring. The PIMNAS assessment is carried out per class of the PKM scheme consisting of 22 teams in each class. The awards up for grabs in each class, namely gold silver, bronze and favorite awards for the presentation class as well as gold silver and bronze equivalent awards for the poster class. In the Karsa Cipta PKM scheme, which was attended by the Glassist team, the evaluation emphasized the aspects of innovation, functionality, and the usefulness of the prototype.


The Glassist team plans to increase the potential usefulness of the blind risk monitoring prototype by modifying and developing the device design and validating medical devices to support commercialization. The Glassist team hopes to continue coordinating with Udayana University to support program sustainability. "The Student Creativity Program and the National Student Scientific Week are one of the great opportunities for the Glassist team to be involved in the development of innovation and technology to solve problems in society. Through our experience and achievements in this event, we hope to immediately optimize the functionality of the Glassist tool so that the benefits of this tool can be felt by the wider community," said Febri as head of the PKM Karsa Cipta Glassist team at Udayana University.