Undergraduate Study Program of Animal Husbandry Faculty of Animal Husbandry of Udayana University Conducts MK Field Practicum. Livestock Inspection Science, Introducing Livestock Approach/Handling Techniques to Students

Friday, November 25, 2022. Undergraduate Study Program in Animal Husbandry, Udayana University, especially in the Livestock Observation Subject, invited 3rd semester students with supervisor Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Putu Sriyani, S.Pt., MP., IPM., ASEAN Eng. to do practicum in the field with the topic being practiced is about Approach/handling of Livestock Techniques. Here students observe livestock behavior and practice how to treat livestock properly and correctly. Handling ruminants or what is often referred to as handling is the activity of treating livestock properly and correctly by breeders. Good and right here means that the breeder's treatment of livestock does not cause stress, injury, suffocation of livestock, or what is more fatal, livestock to death. And what is no less important during the handling does not cause the handler to be trampled, gored or dragged by the cattle. Techniques or ways of how to handle livestock will affect the behavior or behavior afterwards. Rough treatment of livestock will make livestock more rebellious and frightened. The more scared the livestock, the more difficult or difficult it is to handle. Because the cattle would become wilder and more ferocious, it was even more likely that the cattle would be out of control.