Animal Husbandry Study Program Students Receive Animal Health Management Briefing at BPTU HPT Padang Mengatas

Friday, November 4, 2022. Students of the Bachelor of Animal Science Study Program, Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University who took part in the industrial internship (MI) program in the Independent Campus Competency Program (PKKM) at BPTU-HPT Padang Mengatas again received material briefing. This time the material given is about animal health management. Where the person who gave the material was Mr. drh. Fatri Alhadi as a medical worker at BPTU HPT Padang Atas. This activity was held in the BPTU HPT Padang Mengatas Hall which was attended by 15 apprentices of the National MI PKKM Fapet. This series of material debriefing activities is expected to improve the quality of graduates in the Animal Husbandry Study Program, Fapet Unud.