Realizing the Independent Campus Competition Program Activities, Udayana University Mechanical Engineering Study Program holds

One of the activities of the Merdeka Campus Competition Program for Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University is an international symposium with the theme 'International Symposium on Thermofluids of Energy Systems and Materials (ISTESM 2022)' which presents speakers from the Mechanical Engineering Study Program and the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.


This symposium was packaged into four series during October – November 2022, where the first series was held on October 26, 2022 online through the Webex meeting application. On this occasion, two main speakers, Prof. Akito Takasaki, with the material 'Energy situation in Japan and hydrogen storage in solid materials' and Prof. I Nyoman Suprapta Winaya with the topic 'Waste Energy Conversion technology: Green and Clean.' In this first series there were a total of 113 participants who attended both from Udayana University students, lecturers and stake holders as well as partner participants from outside Udayana University.



On the occasion of this first series, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Ir. I Ketut Sudarsana, ST, PhD., directly opened the symposium which was preceded by a description from the chairman of the committee, Dr.Eng. Made Sucipta, ST., MT., who reported the scheduling of the four series in the 2022 ISTESM symposium series. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering explained that in addition to the international symposium being held as a realization of the activities of the Merdeka Campus Competition Program, the Mechanical Engineering Study Program was also a form of realization of MoU activities between Universities Udayana with the Shibaura Institute of Technology which was established several years ago.


Prof. Akito Takasaki who is also the Vice President of Shibaura Institute of Technology said that there are many opportunities for collaboration that can be done besides joint conferences, joint research and it is even possible to collaborate on the 'sandwich program for undergraduate students.' The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering welcomed the sandwich program offer. and hopes that it can be realized between the two parties, because for joint research, joint conferences have been carried out, there are even lecturers from the Mechanical Engineering Study Program who have been visiting lecturers at the Shibaura Institute of Technology.