Collaboration of Practitioners and Lecturers in the Teaching Practitioner program of the Animal Husbandry Study Program, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Unud

Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Undergraduate Study Program in Animal Science, Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University for the third day held a Teaching Practitioner program to fill the Teaching and Learning Process (PBM) in the classroom in order to support the implementation of the Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM). This time the implementation is online and offline. For the offline implementation, it was filled by practitioners from BPTU-HPT Denpasar (Jembrana), namely Maskur, S.Pt with material on "Nutrition Needs for Ruminant Livestock" for the Ruminant Livestock Nutrition Science course and followed by third semester students with lecturer Coordinator of the course Dr. .I Made Mudita,S.Pt.,MP. Meanwhile, for the online implementation, practitioners from PT. Charoen Phokphand Tbk. namely Rizqi Arsaty Dwi R, S. Pt., MSi. with material on "Knowing the Types of Microbes Existing in Poultry Farming and overcoming environmental pollution from CH waste" for the Animal Husbandry Microbiology course and attended by first semester students with the course coordinator lecturer Dr. Ir. Sri Anggreni Lindawati, MSi.