Coaching Clinic RPS OBE (Case Method) Agroecotechnology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University

Wednesday, October 19, 2022, in the Senate Room of the Faculty of Agriculture, Unud, Agrokomplek Building, 2nd floor, Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University, Agroecotechology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture Unud held a "Coaching Clinic" with the theme of RPS OBE (Case Method) and TPB Method (Team Based Project). Coaching Clinic is done in Hybrid via WEBEX and offline. The activity, which was attended by all Agroecotechnology Study Program lecturers, was also attended offline by the Vice Dean for academics, Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Kartini, MS, Co-Prodi Agroecotechnology FP, Dr. Ida Ayu Putri Darmawati, SP., MP and I Putu Sudiarta, SP, M.Si, Ph.D as Chair of UP3M as well as resource persons

The coaching clinic was opened by the Vice Dean for academics, Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Kartini, MS, who in her speech expressed a lot about this activity, because at the moment all academic activities are related to IKU 7 (Key Performance Indicators), so for that we need to continue to upgrade our RPS following the OBE RPS and the TPB Method in accordance with the Main Performance achievements for State Universities that have been determined through a Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture.


I Putu Sudiarta, SP., M.Si, Ph.D, who apart from being a resource person as well as UP3M of the Faculty of Agriculture, suggested to realize the Transformation of Higher Education through 8 Main Performance Indicators (IKU), one of which is implementing KPI 7, which is a collaborative class and participatory. So far, the RPS in the Agroecotechnology Study Program has not implemented the OBE RPS and the TPB Method, it is hoped that after the coaching clinic, the RPS preparation based on the OBE RPS and the TPB Method in the learning process at the Faculty of Agriculture is mandatory. Furthermore, for the Learning Methods in OBE and TPB, the implementation can be chosen through: group discussions, simulations, case studies, collaborative learning, cooperative learning, problem-based learning or other learning methods that can effectively facilitate the fulfillment of graduate learning outcomes. I Putu Sudiarta, SP, M.Si, Ph.D added that each course can use one or a combination of several learning methods. To make it easier for participants to understand learning in OBE and TPB, several examples of the implementation of the Case Method and Team Based Project are shown.