Criminal Law Class By the Criminal Law Community FH UNUD 2022

Saturday, October 1, 2022, an online Criminal Law Class activity with the theme "Trial and Inclusion in Criminal Law" was held by the Semi-Autonomous Body (BSO) Criminal Law Community (CLC) FH Unud . Criminal Law Class activities are open to the public with a total of 161 registrants. This activity was opened by the CLC coach, Dr. Ida Bagus Surya Dharma Jaya, SH, MH and invited one of the lecturers in the Criminal Law section of the Faculty of Law Unud, I Gusti Agung Ayu Dike Widhiyaastuti, SH, MH as a speaker. Criminal Law Class is packaged like a lecture with a series of material presentations by speakers and followed by a small group discussion session. Where in the material presentation session, the speaker explained about the trial material and inclusion in criminal law. Furthermore, the participants were divided into 10 groups in which each group discussed and discussed the Trial and Participation cases given by the committee. Some of the achievements to be achieved from this activity are helping provide basic insights into criminal law to all students of the Faculty of Law Unud, especially new students, as well as introducing CLC as one of the new BSOs, providing a forum for students who are interested in criminal law. (The FH CLC Team Unud)