Spirit of Unity Becomes the theme at the Peak of the 57th BKFT Faculty of Engineering, University of Udayana

The Familial Body of the Faculty of Engineering or familiarly known as BKFT is an activity to celebrate the birthday of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University. an annual activity organized by the Udayana University Faculty of Engineering Student Senate in collaboration with the entire academic community of the Udayana University Faculty of Engineering. In 2022, the Faculty of Engineering has turned 57 years old, so this celebration is the 57th BKFT celebration.



The 57th BKFT took the theme "Spirit of Unity" which means that until the age of 57 the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University can maintain the spirit of togetherness and kinship and rise to become one unit to achieve success, achievement, and be able to compete in the international arena in the era of society 5.0 . The highlight of the 57th BKFT event which was held on October 1, 2022, certainly had a different concept from previous years, both in terms of the preparation period, duration of implementation and activities carried out.



In the previous year, BKFT activities had to be carried out online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was still the biggest health threat at that time, so the only series of activities were seminars held through the Cisco Webex Meeting application. However, this year, the entire Academic Community of the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University can participate in enjoying the euphoria of the 57th Anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering, which is located on the Jimbaran Faculty of Engineering Campus.



Not only one activity enlivened the series of events this year, but several activities were carried out in the 57th BKFT event. The activities carried out included cleaning activities, reforestation, competitions until the peak of the 57th BKFT event.



The series of activities at the peak of the 57th BKFT started from a leisurely walk with a route of approximately 2 kilometers with the start and finish lines located at the Jimbaran Faculty of Engineering Campus. On the half way leisurely route, all participants received coupons which would later be drawn to win door prizes. After a leisurely walk, the entire academic community also participated in the morning exercise enthusiastically. Not only that, various competitions such as tug of war, marbles, sack races, fighting, making penjor and table tennis also enlivened the 57th BKFT peak. Besides being enlivened by various competitions, the 57th BKFT also held a blood donation activity which took place at the ARL . Building



The door prize draw is one of the most anticipated things. While enjoying the entertainment activities, both students and lecturers could walk around the stage and enjoy food and drinks from stands around the venue. The event was opened by cutting the cone and releasing 57 birds. After the morning session of this event ended, the event continued again at 15.30 WITA with various entertainment and the most awaited guest stars, Rocket Rockers and Not So Koplo.



The 57th BKFT event succeeded in growing euphoria for the entire academic community in the midst of the hustle and bustle of lectures. Therefore, we all hope that next year's BKFT event can provide more euphoria than this year.