TIREX 2022: Student Creativity Event in the Field of Arts and Culture

HIMAHI UNUD held a student event in the field of arts and culture entitled The International Relations Exhibition 2022 (TIREX). This activity takes place from 27 August to 11 September 2022. The series of events begins with an online training program related to competition materials, such as singing, dancing, photography, and painting. Furthermore, art exhibition performances and awards at the peak event were carried out offline at the location of Dharma Negara Alaya (DNA Art & Creative Hub) and Ksirarnawa Art Center Bali Building. This year's theme is "Man," inspired from the album by musician Tulus, which describes how humans are able to pour their life experiences into a work of art. The purpose of the competition, which is managed by the Division of Arts, Sports and Culture, HIMAHI UNUD, is to develop student creativity, as well as explore the potential of their talents so that they can become a means of motivation for the younger generation in the future.

Contributor: I Putu Bagus Brahmastra