Information Technology Social Service in Tihingan village 2022

Social Service is an annual activity organized by the Information Technology Study Program student association to foster a sense of caring among others. Community service is carried out with physical and non-physical donations. The social service activities of the Information Technology Study Program carry the theme: Optimizing Village Potential through the application of Information Technology for the progress of the village development. This is where the benefits that can be obtained from this activity are optimizing the potential of the Tihingan village by advancing the use of information technology itself.



This Information Technology Social Service is located in Tihingan Village, Klungkung Regency, Bali Province, on September 10, 2022. The committee involved comes from the information technology student association, totaling 81 people. This Social Service activity consists of an Opening Ceremony and Community Service. The Opening Ceremony consisted of giving donations to one outstanding student and one orphaned student, giving plant seeds, and screening a promotional video for Tihingan village. For Community Service activities involving elementary school students, committees, and members from Banjar Beguna. In addition, cleaning was also carried out at Penasar Temple. Sources of funds from this social service activity come from the Information Technology student association, funds from the Information Technology Study Program, and fundraising conducted by the association from donations, and sincere donations from students and lecturers. The implementation of this activity cannot be separated from the role of many parties who support the smooth performance of this activity.



The purpose of this social service activity is to introduce the Information Technology Study Program and assist villages in increasing the use of information technology and providing physical donations so it is hoped that this activity can foster sympathy for Information technology students.


This activity is expected to be a trigger for all parties involved in this activity so that this activity can continue. Thanks are given to village officials for their permission for the Information Technology Study Program to be able to actualize. It can provide a place, and give time, especially for children of information technology students, to organize programs on campus to carry out social services. After this event it is expected to provide benefits to all parties involved in this event.