Student Exchange of Unud Faculty of Animal Husbandry with UGM Faculty of Animal Husbandry

This year, the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Udayana University, participated in an independent student exchange program to other universities. For this year, an independent Student Exchange Program with the Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). This program was attended by 8 Fapet Unud students in the 3rd semester of class 2021 and 7 students of Fapet UGM in the 5th semester of 2020 in the Competition Program – Merdeka Campus (PKKM) grant program. The release and acceptance of students for the Independent Student Exchange Program was accepted by UGM on Monday, August 22, 2022. The purpose of this activity is to provide new insights for students in a new learning environment, especially in specific learning at Udayana University and at Gadjah Mada University as well as to become an event cultural exchange for students.

The admission of Fapet UGM students was received directly by the Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Unud. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Tirta Ariana, M.S., IPU., ASEAN Eng. at the AA Building lt. 2 Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Udayana Bukit Jimbaran (Monday, August 29, 2022). Also attending were Deputy Dean III for Student Affairs and Information Dr. I Nyoman Sumerta Miwada, S.Pt., MP. and the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Study Program of Fapet Unud. Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Putu Sriyani, S.Pt., MP., IPM., ASEAN Eng.