Udayana University Communication Science Student Association (HIMANIKA) Successfully Holds the Summit of the 2022 National Communication Events Seminar (COMMET)

The rapid development of the times and the digital era recently forced all mankind to be able to quickly adapt to all the changes that occur. Each individual is required to get used to and be able to follow the swift current of change that is around. Like it or not, both young and old, everyone must be able to place themselves well in the midst of it all.

With all the changes that have occurred due to the development of the times and the current digital era, everyone, especially the younger generation, must have various abilities or advantages that enable them to stand tall in the face of the world. Armed with the ability and skills to improve their abilities and qualities, everyone will not sink in the midst of the rapid changes that occur. This certainly cannot happen easily, because there will definitely be various challenges that confront all efforts to improve one's own abilities.

Armed with this view, the Communication Science Student Association (HIMANIKA) Universitas Udayana held a national seminar entitled "Self Improvement: Make Yourself Great in the Digital Era" right on Saturday, August 27, 2022. This seminar itself was the culmination of a series of events. Communication Events 2022. Located at The Keranjang Bali, as many as 124 participants attended the live event location starting at 13.00 WITA until 17.00 WITA.

“Depressed due to the pandemic, making this seminar a bridge to get back up and shine by doing self-improvement. "said Bulan as the Chairman of the COMMET 2022 Committee". The National Seminar for Communication Events 2022 which was opened by the Head of the Communication Science Student Association (HIMANIKA) FISIP UNUD. In his remarks, Adrian hopes that this seminar can provide positive feedback for all parties who are members of the seminar.

The results of the hard work of 91 COMMET Committee members for approximately five months are also evident in their success in presenting local to national speakers in this national seminar, namely Putu Ayu Sada Devi Pradnyandari, S.S who is the winner of the Top 10 Miss Grand Indonesia 2018 and runner up 1 at the Jegeg event. Gianyar 2016 and Dimas Danang Suryonegoro who works as an actor who has starred in a number of Indonesian films, radio announcer, MC, and moderator. The presence of the two speakers became a magnet as well as an inspiration for all participants who wanted to gain new knowledge and insights by attending this seminar.

Divided into two talk show sessions, the two speakers, Ayu Sada and Dimas Danang, did not hesitate to share their valuable knowledge, views, and experiences with the participants who filled the stands of Kampung Langit at The Keranjang Bali. For 50 minutes, each speaker seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to tell stories and answer various questions from the participants related to self-development in the question and answer session.

The participants, both from Udayana University students, the general public, as well as invitations from student organizations within Udayana University, also looked very enthusiastic in participating in a series of seminar events. This was reflected in the large number of participants who wanted to ask questions to the two speakers of the National Seminar on Communication Events.

In addition to the talk show session, there are also various interesting activities to enliven the event. Starting from the performance of flute instrument music, a solo vocal performance by one of the Communication Science students, Patricia, the online Vacation video showing, to the interactive challenge of making the most creative Instagram stories held. Not only that, this event also presented an award presentation session to all winners of the 2022 Mini Newspaper and Infographic Communication Events Competition.

In addition to gaining new knowledge and knowledge, relationships, and the opportunity to meet two great speakers, namely Ayu Sada and Dimas Danang, the participants also received other benefits from this year's National Seminar on Communication Events. Each participant present can take home a gift in the form of a notebook and for those who are lucky to get the 2022 Communication Events merchandise.


With the implementation of the peak event of the 2022 Communication Events, namely the National Seminar on Communication Events, it is hoped that the participants will gain useful knowledge to equip themselves to improve their abilities and capacities to face the digital world. In addition, with the end of the 2022 Communication Events series of events starting with the Newspaper and Infographics Competition, Fundraising event, and closed by this national seminar, all the tired efforts of the 2022 Communication Events committee can be paid off with benefits for everyone involved.