Saturday, August 27, 2022. The Student Family Student Executive Board (BEM-KM) of the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University held the 2022 Student Creativity Program Competition (LPKM), located at the AE Building, Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University, Bukit Jimbaran Campus. Implementation of offline activities by complying with health protocols. The event was opened by the Vice Dean III for Student Affairs and Information, represented by the Sub-Coordinator for Student Affairs, Made Dwi Novi Artawan, SE, and was attended by the Chair of the BEM and his staff, the PLT Chairman of the DPM and his staff, and all the contestants.

This year's 2022 Student Creativity Program (LPKM) competition took the theme "Growing students' creative and innovative souls through PKM". The main objective of this activity is to accommodate the creativity of students, especially in the field of animal husbandry and produce quality products that are beneficial to the community. In the Report of the Head of the LPKM Committee for 2022, it was stated that "It is hoped that this activity can be a forum for students to work, of course, who can bring the good name of FAPET UNUD in the field of PKM at the university level later. We, BEM-KM FAPET UNUD always hold this work program every year, it is hoped that student friends don't hesitate to participate as participants, because surely a lot of feedback will be received such as certificates with SKP, placards, and even cash, "continued Putri Analenda as Chairman of the Committee.

Where participants from the 2022 Student Creativity Program Competition (LPKM) were followed by all students of the Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University. For the 2022 Student Creativity Program (LPKM) Competition, there are 5 groups of participants, including: Team 1: ESSPRAY "Preventing skin diseases and Caring for Skin in livestock"; Team 2 : SAKUSINA "Chinese Betel Soap"; Team 3: WATER FLE CULTURE (Daphnia Sp) ; Team 4: Processing livestock waste into Briquettes for Planting Media as a Side Business to Increase Income; Team 5: Shampoo Bar (Shampoo Bar) Goat's Milk is Environmentally Friendly and Uses Natural Ingredients. The jury at the 2022 Student Creativity Program Competition (LPKM) are Dr. Ir. Anak Agung Ayu Sri Trisnadewi, MP., Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Gde Sumardani, S.Pt., M.Sc., and Ni Made Witariadi, S.Pt., MP. The results of the LPKM 2022 event found that for (1st place) Team 1 led by Mas Rian Hadidi, 2nd place by Team 3 led by Kadek Agus Dwipayana, and 3rd place by Team 4 led by Jihad Ansyarullah.