International Relations Competition 2022

The International Relations Competition is a competition activity for high school/K children throughout Indonesia to broaden their horizons and abilities in the academic field. The event held by the International Relations Student Association of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University has two main series, namely a series of online competitions and also the highlight of the event, such as participant presentations and hybrid jury assessments. This year's series of International Relations Competition activities began on June 1, 2022 and has reached the peak of the event on August 6, 2022. There are three branches of competition at IRC 2022, such as poster, essay, and speech competitions. Participants are given the freedom to choose predetermined sub-themes consisting of education, environment, creative economy, information technology, and socio-culture. With the theme "Gen Z Innovation and Creation Towards a Golden Indonesia 2045 in the Era of Globalization", the International Relations Competition is expected to be able to encourage participants to hone creativity, scientific insight, and inspire enthusiasm in developing themselves in the era of globalization so that they can become a superior generation.


Contributor: I Putu Bagus Brahmastra