Udayana Bali Model United Nations 2022

The UN conference simulation event organized by the MUN division of HIMAHI Udayana on 19-21 August 2022, was aimed at discussing current international issues and describing how the United Nations works as an institution that maintains world peace and stability in various aspects. In addition, UBMUN honed the skills of participants in public speaking by upholding the values ​​of diplomacy. The big theme raised this year, namely The Urgency of International Response Towards Humanitarian Crisis, reflects on the many humanitarian crises that have arisen due to a conflict, such as conflictual activities between Russia and Ukraine. The series of events for UBMUN 2022 on the first day consisted of a pre-event which provided an introduction to the UN council or agency discussing certain issues, followed by MUN 101 as a material briefing and introduction to MUN. The second and third day consisted of a committee session, namely a simulation of the UN conference and ended with awarding. Putu Oka Astama Adi Putra as the Deputy Chairperson of the Event hopes that the knowledge and experience gained by participants at UBMUN 2022 will be able to improve public speaking skills and insight into international issues that can open views and understand conflict issues raised in major themes so that conflict resolution can be created. without war, but through the conference table. Contributor: I Putu Bagus Brahmastra