FISIP Udayana University optimizes the Mandiri MBKM Program

The Merdeka Learning Campus Independent Program (MBKM) is a program launched by the Minister of Education and Culture which aims to encourage students to master various sciences as a provision to enter the world of work. The need to create a learning process that is oriented to the creation of graduate competencies, in line with the Government Regulation no. 13 of 2015 concerning National Education Standards which mandates the efforts of every part of educational institutions to continuously plan, implement, evaluate and supervise the learning process in order to produce a teaching and learning process that is able to achieve the educational goals that have been formulated, as well as projecting the absorption of the world of work as the ultimate goal of achieving graduate competence. In order to achieve this, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UNUD conducted a National Seminar on Independent Learning of the Independent Campus of FISIP Udayana University with the theme: Implementation and Transformation of MBKM Activities in the Era of Society 5.0 which is expected to improve student competence and understanding, especially in the MBKM program. which is managed independently by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University.

The activity was carried out offline in the 4th Floor Hall of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University, Sudirman Campus on August 23, 2022 at 09.00 WITA - finished which was attended by hundreds of participants. The speakers who were invited to this activity were Putu Cemerlang Santiyuda, S.IKom who had the opportunity to take part in the MBKM Cycle 1 of the Ministry of Education and Culture on Narrative TV and I Dewa Gede Taksusepta Reksa Armajaya, S.AP who had the opportunity to participate in the MBKM Young Fighters of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. The event was hosted by Moderator Richard Togaranta Ginting, S.Sos., M.Hum who is also the PIC of MBKM at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UNUD. The event was attended by the Vice Dean III of FISIP UNUD for Student Affairs: Dr. I Made Anom Wiranata, S.IP., M.A., was also attended by the Coordinator of the Political Science Study Program, FISIP UNUD: Dr. Tedi Erviantono, S.IP., M.Sc. and Coordinator of the International Relations Study Program, FISIP UNUD: Ni Wayan Rainy Priadarsini, S.S., M.Hub.Int.

Currently, UNUD Faculty of Social and Political Sciences have participated in central MBKM programs including: Domestic and Foreign Student Exchange, Teaching Campus, Certified Internships, Independent Studies/Projects, MBKM Research and Research and Entrepreneurial Activities and Village Building/KKNT. In addition, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UNUD has initiated MBKM Mandiri with 16 partners which are expected to encourage the achievement of 30% of students who take part in the MBKM program launched by the government.