Civil Society Student Association Holds Community Service Activities Through Civil Society Care 2022

Civil Society Care 2022 (Ci-TY Care 2022) is a community service activity carried out by the Civil Society Student Association, this work program is a new work program under the auspices of the Community Service Division which was first held in 2022. Packaging of Ci-TY activities This year's Care is divided into three categories covering education, social and environmental fields, and infrastructure. Category I of Ci-TY Care 2022 has been implemented and will be followed by the implementation of the other two categories.



Category I of Ci-TY Care 2022 has been carried out successfully and smoothly. The activity was carried out for two consecutive days, namely on 12 and 13 August 2022. The implementation of category I was devoted to the field of education, namely teaching and learning activities for elementary school students which were carried out at elementary school 3 Bukian.



On the first day of Ci-TY Care 2022 Category I focused on academic teaching processes such as encouraging literacy and also teaching numbers to elementary school 3 Bukian students. On the second day, the activities were carried out with more variety, such as singing the anthem Indonesia Raya, teaching the making of miniature bridges, and there were also fun games.



It does not stop at category I, Ci-TY Care 2022 activities will continue with the holding of periods II and III. Period II focused on the social and environmental fields. The activity will be carried out in the Magenda Park area in the form of cleaning activities and donating some signage and donating shade plants. Period II will be held in one day, on August 31, 2022. For the last period, period III, the focus will be on the infrastructure sector in the form of designing and budgeting for the reading corner building at elementary school 3 Bukian.