Socialization of the Independent Entrepreneurial Program to the Faculty of Agriculture Unud

The Faculty of Agriculture on Tuesday, August 16, 2022 received the socialization of WIRAUSAHA MERDEKA which took place offline at the Agrocomplex building, Sudirman campus. Ir Ketut Sardiana, MP., and 2020 Faculty of Agriculture Supervisors. This WPK (Independent Entrepreneurial) socialization is in the context of implementing the 2022 WMK Program organized by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek), in which seventeen universities have announced implementing the WMK Program in 2022, one of which is Udayana University.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Gede Ustriyana, MM. in his direction, he expressed his hope that many agricultural students would be interested in participating in the MBKM (Merdeka Learning Independent Campus) program. One of the MBKM programs currently being socialized by UNUD is Wirausaha Merdeka. The WMK program is carried out as a forum for facilitating and accelerators for students who have interest and potential in the field of entrepreneurship and for this reason, today's socialization event is requested for assistance from academic supervisors, especially for semester 5 students this year, in order to socialize this independent entrepreneur to their guidance so that many of them will later join the Independent Entrepreneurship program.

Dr. Ir. Ketut Sardiana, M.P as the MBKM Coordinator of Udayana University in this socialization also hopes that academic supervisors can participate in socializing the Independent Entrepreneurship program to their PA and he is ready to help at any time for Unud students who are interested in joining the MBKM Program, especially this Independent Entrepreneur if there are found problems which is not understood. Wirausaha Merdeka is a program from MBKM that aims to provide opportunities for students to learn and develop themselves into prospective entrepreneurs through activities outside the classroom. This Independent Entrepreneurial Program invites students to collaborate with Implementing Universities to develop entrepreneurial learning that is able to hone the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage increased entrepreneurial experience and increase student work ability. The Independent Entrepreneurship Program provides a quota of 750 participants (450 UNUD students and 300 students outside UNUD), 75 DPL, 35 expert entrepreneurship consultants and 35 UKm internships.