Webinar Master Program in Agribusiness About Scopus . Indexed International Journal Article Writing

MASTER STUDY PROGRAM FOR AGRICULTURE FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE Udayana University. Has held a webinar on WRITING A SCOPUS INDEX INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ARTICLE, which was held online with Prof. Dr. Ahmad Maryudi (Professor of the Faculty of Forestry, Gadjah Mada University and also as Associate Editor of Forest Policy and Economics- Elsevier Scopus Q1). This International Journal Writing Webinar was held on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 which was opened directly by the Agribusiness Masters Study Program, Dr. I Dewa Ayu Sri Yudhari, SP., MSi and also the activity was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University Prof.Dr.Ir. I Nyoman Gede Ustriyana, M.M. as a moderator in the webinar is Mr. Dr.Ir. I Dewa Putu Oka Suardi, MSi.

The Koprodi Magister Agribusiness in his brief remarks said that it is very important to carry out webinar activities related to the writing of Scopus indexed international journals because in general there are still many lecturers especially postgraduate students who are very difficult to be published in Scopus indexed journals. and postgraduate students in international journal writing and later can publish in Scopus indexed journals.

The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University also expressed his gratitude to the Agribusiness Masters Study Program because journal writing activities are felt to be very needed among lecturers and students so that it is hoped that many articles can be published in Scopus indexed international journals.

Resource person Prof. Dr. Ahmad maryudi in his presentation for 1.5 hours conveyed tips and trips to be able to publish in international journals that needed to be considered, including: 1) Selection of journals, 2) Preparation of manuscripts, 3) Submitting manuscripts, 4) Liaising with reviewers and editors. The importance of knowing the selection of journals to be addressed by accessing the link https:www.scimagojr.com/. Besides, it also needs to be considered in choosing the title of the journal to make it more interesting and have a deep meaning.

It was further explained that it is necessary to also look at the reputation of the journal, including: 1. Editor's reputation, 2) Low Acceptance/ Rejection (A/R) rate (A/R) is generally more prestigious/reputable). 3) Quality of published articles, 4) Time for publication (review process, online pre-pub) and 5) Audience/readership.

Participants of the guest lecture, which was attended by 65 participants from students and lecturers within the Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University and outside the Udayana University environment, were very enthusiastic about the topics presented by the speakers, so many questions were revealed in the discussion.

At the end of the presentation, the resource person said that don't hesitate to start writing and don't be afraid if the writing is rejected because it becomes a lesson for the future, we can find out mistakes in writing and can improve the quality of writing better in the future.