Strategies to Improve Accreditation of Agrotrop Journal Managers Comparative Study to Caraka Tani Journal UNS

SURAKARTA- Manager of Jurnal Agrotrop : Journal on Agriculture Science  (Agrotrop) Faculty of Agriculture Udayana University (FP Unud) conducted a comparative study aimed at increasing accreditation by imitating the management of journals regarding strategies for managing accredited journals Sinta 2 Journal of Caraka Tani at Sebelas Maret University (UNS) ( 03/08/2022). The Agrotrop Journal delegation was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Rindang Dwiyani, M.Sc. as well as Chairman of the Editorial Board who was welcomed by the Dean of FP UNS Prof. Dr. Ir. Samanhudi, S.P., M.Sc., IPM, ASEAN Eng, Deputy Dean of Human Resources, Finance and Logistics Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudadi, M.P., Deputy Dean of Business Cooperation and Information Planning, Dr. Agung Wibowo, S.P., M.Si, Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Caraka Tani Dr. Ir. Mujiyo, S.P., M.P. along with the management team, and FP UNS staff. The meeting was opened by Prof. Samanhudi explained that there are several journals in FP UNS from journals owned by study programs and faculties, the Caraka Tani Journal is a faculty-level journal. He said that the manager needed an Original “Orang Gila Jurnal” in carrying out the journal management process. In addition to managing the Agrotrop Journal from Udayana University, there are also journal managers from Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (Untirta), and Nusa Cendana University (Undana) who participated in the comparative study.



Dr. Mujiyo explained that journal management with a full online system on OJS is a mandatory requirement for Sinta 2 accreditation. The Caraka Tani journal currently uses OJS version 2, which in the future will be upgraded to use OJS version 3. Journal management is divided into several tasks, namely as editor, reviewer, copy editor, proofreader, layout editor. Editor's accreditation requirements are distinguished from reviewers, apart from domestic ones, editors and reviewers from abroad are also required. He explained the management of the division of tasks according to the specialization of each task. The journal management strategy does not only play a role in OJS, it also takes food and beverage logistics. Journals with publishing consistency and diversity of authors are needed. Layout Editor at the Caraka Tani Journal who works with 1 person with the appearance of the article not changing too much every issue. There is also a duty to improve the quality of writing. The manager also helps writers who are not fluent in using OJS by guiding. Articles published with high citations are required for competition on Google Scholar and Scopus. Complete the process quickly and with quality by utilizing the human resources in the Journal.


The comparative study of journal management was closed by Dr. Agung Wibowo representing the Dean of FP UNS said that working selflessly and sincerely in journal management made the Caraka Tani Journal continue to grow. A new room was built for the manager of the Caraka Tani Journal as support from the Faculty. Journal managers at FP UNS are ready to cooperate in activities such as the manager of the Caraka Tani Journal being a resource for journal management at FP Unud. He also said he wanted to do collaborative activities with FP Unud. Finally, I hope that this comparative study will provide benefits for the journals that are managed, said Dr. Great Wibowo. (gwp)