The FMIPA UNUD Student Representative Council holds a 2022 FMIPA Dean Meeting

Friday, August 5, 2022 at 08.30 WITA, the Student Representative Council (DPM) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University held an FMIPA Dean Meeting in 2022 with the topic of discussion on Administration, Facilities, Academic and Student Affairs topics which aims to accommodate the aspirations of students to the dean and on the contrary.


The Dean's Meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning, Vice Dean for General Affairs and Finance, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information, Study Program Coordinators, Lecturers for Student Guidance within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences or their representatives, all Heads of Institutions Students in the MIPA Faculty or their representatives, and active student representatives in the MIPA Faculty, Udayana University


The chairman of the committee, Ni luh Gresia Aurelia, in her presentation, said that the activities that had been prepared for 3 months with a committee of 50 students were expected to be a forum for the aspirations of FMIPA students. Gresia hopes that this activity can produce good output for FMIPA.


Furthermore, the Chairman of the Student Representative Council, Raihan Ahmad Arandi, expressed his gratitude for holding this Dean's Meeting. The event which aims as a forum for student aspirations to the dean is expected to be a bridge for student voices and also hopes or inputs from the dean.


Dean of FMIPA Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc, Ph.D in her speech said that As stated by the chairman of the committee and chairman of the DPM, this event is very important. Because we will use it as one of our references in taking steps. We are also open to criticism from students, because we can use it to improve our performance. We hope that from this dean's meeting, we can provide answers and not provide homework for younger students. if it is necessary to finish today the aspirations of the brothers and sisters so that we can find an agreement. After giving a speech, Watiniasih at the same time officially opened the dean's meeting.


The Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, accompanied by the Deputy Dean for Academic and Planning, the Deputy Dean for General Affairs and Finance, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information, the Study Program Coordinator and Student Guidance Lecturers within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences provide responses to the aspirations expressed by students. In addition to responding to the aspirations, the Dean also explained the performance of the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University


The dean's meeting with the theme "Move together to voice the aspirations of students for FMIPA that excels and synergizes in the new normal era" led by MC-Sebastian Laurent, and Moderator-Rizal Afriadi Saragih went well. Various aspirations and agreements resulted from this dean's meeting. Among others are


  1. Dean's performance expansion aspirations The Dean and his staff always try to maximize performance and help students in their lectures. However, students are also expected to be able to give their best for the faculty, for example graduating on time, namely in 8 semesters and placing a job after 6 months of graduation.

  3. Administrative aspirations The deans always give their best, the deans and their staff always maximize their time to respond to all student requests, for example related to correspondence. However, students are also expected to prepare everything that is a requirement and go through every good flow to process letters.

  5. Aspirations for Facilities Regarding repairs or updating of data collection for laboratory equipment, the pressure party does have funds for its maintenance but it is still not enough to buy new equipment that is proper and adequate. Regarding the classroom facilities that make it difficult for students, the dean has submitted an application to the chancellor and the chancellor has already processed it. Regarding the water problem in the MIPA faculty, this could be due to the location of the campus in the Jimbaran hill area. Even so, the pressure party always tries to fix any errors or damages that exist. Regarding the supporting facilities in the classroom, such as lamps, AC fans and projectors, the pressure party provides maintenance funds for this, but it is not enough to fix it. Therefore, students are also expected to be wise in using existing facilities. Related to the lack of provision for final disposal and waste management from the practical results, this has been built, but the pressure party is still confused about the construction of a building for new learning or for a new laboratory whether it will be moved or will be made a new one.

  7. Aspirations for Academic and Student Affairs Associated with the formation of BSO in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, it is still felt that it is not needed because it is feared that it will also interfere with other activities. Related to PKM the faculty has tried to provide mentors to students so that for the next PKM it is hoped that some will pass. The implementation of PILMAPRES is the responsibility of the Head of the Student Association, BEM, and is accompanied by the Vice Dean for student affairs and student advisory lecturers so that they can be prepared earlier. The flow system for verification and validation of SKP points was originally handed over to the BEM representative. However, because an error or violation was found, namely validating the old certificate, the validation of the SKP points was left to the faculty to avoid the same mistake.

    the lack of coordination of scheduling clarity in the study program is expected so that the interest courses follow the schedule or adjust the schedule for compulsory courses. The implementation of the PKL time is considered too long, students should do calculations and compare with the existing credit hours. Although it is felt that there is an additional time, it is most likely that it happened because the student was deemed to need deepening related to the lessons given. The MBM conversion system which has not been socialized is expected to encourage students to always follow the MBM socialization socialization so as not to miss the information. The timing of the implementation of the KN MIPA was rushed so that it was not effective, that's why the dean also received sudden information from the Rectorate. Related to the lack of agreement between lecturers and students for offline lectures so that it seems too forced, students are expected to be more careful in reading the rector's decree. Students are actually already required to study face-to-face, but even if there are students who still cannot study offline for some reason or other, they can provide clear reasons and supporting evidence.

  9. Aspirations of the Audience, Regarding the loss of helmets in the parking lot, a helmet storage area has been provided and a policy has been implemented. It is also hoped that students will be more disciplined and not careless so that there is no loss.

    Regarding the publication of pressure journals, it has been facilitated in advance and even allowed for each study program to upload 3 journals. Regarding the validator or SKP validation, it was initially assigned to the BEM representative, but because there was an error, namely validating the old certificate, to avoid this from happening it was decided that the faculty who would validate the SKP was a requirement for graduation.