FMIPA Udayana University, Holds the Impression of Prospective Graduates for the August 2022 period

Tuesday, August 2, 2022., Located at the Nusantara Hall, Udayana University Agrocomplex Building

take place After the impression of prospective FMIPA graduates for the August 2022 period as a routine activity carried out as a determination of student graduation at FMIPA. Despite the impression that this August period is a little special because it is carried out fully offline. Present at this event were the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information, the Coordinator of Study Programs within the FMIPA, Unit Coordinators, Administrative Coordinators, Administrative Sub Coordinators, committee staff, prospective graduates, and representatives of other people. prospective graduates.

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning Drs. NO. Gandhiadi, M.T, in his presentation said that he was very proud to be able to release prospective graduates to continue to the next level. Either continue to the next level of study or go straight to work. In August, FMIPA UNUD graduated 109 students, consisting of 1 Doctor of Biology, 3 Masters of Chemistry, 2 Masters of Biology, 8 Bachelor of Chemistry, 4 Bachelor of Physics, 10 Bachelor of Biology. Students, Bachelor of Pharmacy 31 students, Bachelor of Informatics 50 students. The release and impression of prospective graduates for the August 2022 period is a unique period, because FMIPA is able to graduate more than 50% of students on time. This should be appreciated because of the hard work of the lecturers to guide our children so that they can continue to the next level. This also proves that the Human Resources at FMIPA are very good. Hopefully what is achieved today is not the end, but can be the beginning of further success. As the Best Graduate Student, Ni Made Rai Nirmala Shanti, S.Kom, from the Bachelor of Informatics study program, with a GPA of 3.94. Furthermore, Gandhiadi hopes that the prospective graduates who graduate now will participate in filling out the study tracer. As is known, the study tracer is an illustration of how FMIPA graduates are able to be absorbed by the community or industry. This study tracer is very important for improving learning in FMIPA, but until now the number of respondents for the FMIPA study tracer has not yet reached the minimum 70% that has been set. Ghandiadi said that he would not stop reminding every graduate to always participate in the study tracer carried out by Udayana University which was carried out via SMS in the context of developing the University, Faculties, and Study Programs.

Furthermore, in the remarks of the Dean of FMIPA UNUD, Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc, Ph.D said that FMIPA will always improve to be better. In 2022, the construction of buildings for pharmacy, pharmacists and informatics will begin. Hopefully the construction of these facilities and infrastructure will be able to improve the learning process at FMIPA so that it can produce great graduates. Watiniasih expresses her gratitude to the parents of the students who have entrusted their children to study at FMIPA UNUD. It is hoped that after graduating, FMIPA graduates already have a plan, where they want to go and what they want. As stated by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning, we really need the participation of the younger brothers and sisters in filling out the study tracer because with the study tracer we can see the Faculty's picture of human resources, facilities and infrastructure, student satisfaction in receiving education and also as material for introspection and future development of FMIPA. Don't forget to close, Watiniasih advised the prospective graduates, let's leave the bad things, and spread the good or positive things.

As a form of appreciation to the best graduates, Ni Made Rai Nirmala Santhi, S.Kom from the Bachelor of Informatics study program in his message and impression that was conveyed with great emotion in a trembling voice, said that he as part of the FMIPA academic community for 4 years conveyed his greetings thanks to all the FMIPA academic community consisting of leaders, academic staff at the dean, lecturers and education staff in study programs, as well as friends from all study programs who have supported us FMIPA students in studying so that we can graduate well and on time. Santi conveyed her feelings to her comrades in arms who initially entered together, got acquainted, proceeded, and in the end they graduated together. It is a great honor to be able to join and become a member of FMIPA Unud. furthermore, Santi hopes that FMIPA can better accommodate the academic atmosphere so that later grades can produce better achievements. Santi did not forget to apologize if there were things that were not pleasing to us do, because we realize we are still far from perfect. "Klungkung Semarapura, Kirang langkung nunas gang sinampura," said Santi, ending the speech with the message and impression which received cheers and applause from the invitees.

Do not forget to address the parents' representatives delivered by parents of the best graduates, expressing their gratitude to the entire Academic Community of FMIPA Udayana University for educating our children for 4 years. We as parents apologize if our children make mistakes, both intentional and unintentional. We realize that there is no ivory that is not cracked, but the cracks that exist in the tusk actually indicate the authenticity of the tusk. Whatever our children do, please consider it as part of the process of growing up. As parents, we sincerely apologize. Thank you once again to the entire FMIPA community, and congratulations to the children who have graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, which we are proud of, wish them more success.