A A. Pt. Putra Wibawa Receives Doctoral Degree in Animal Science, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Unud

The Faculty of Animal Science, Udayana University, has again given birth to a Doctor in Animal Science. Anak Agung Putu Putra Wibawa is a lecturer at the Faculty of Animal Science at Udayana University. Ir. I Nyoman Tirta Ariana, MS., IPU., (Tuesday, 26 July 2022)

The Promoter Team consists of Prof. Dr. Ir. I Gst. Mrs. Gde. Bidura, MS., IPU., ASEAN Eng., Prof. Dr. Ir. I Ketut Sumadi, MS., IPU., and Dr. Ir. Ni Wayan Siti, M.Si. Today's Doctoral Promotion presented 6 supporting lecturers and 4 academic invited lecturers from Fapet Unud. The dissertation that was successfully defended was entitled "Production Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Bali Duck (Anas sp.) Given Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Leaf Flour in the Ration".

The results of the dissertation research found that the use of 6% carrot leaf flour in the ration of male Bali ducks from 2-8 weeks of age could increase the villi and crypts of the duck intestines, and suppress the number of Eschericia coli and Coliform bacteria, which had an impact on improving performance, carcass characteristics, and feed efficiency.” said A.A. Pt. Son of Authority. The aims of this research were to improve the performance and carcass of male bali ducks aged 2-8 weeks, reduce the amount of abdominal fat and blood serum cholesterol in male bali ducks, increase the intestinal villi of male bali ducks, and reduce the number of E. colli and coliforms in the digestive tract. .