FAPET UNUD carries out coordination, ahead of the PKKMB implementation

After receiving the last freshman through the independent route last week, Fapet UNUD will be prepared to be busy with a series of preparations for the implementation of PKKMB (Introduction to New Student Campus Activities). For this reason, the coordination meeting which was opened by the Deputy Dean I for Academic Affairs and Cooperation of Fapet Unud (Dr. Ir. Dewi Ayu Warmadewi, S.Pt., M.Sc., IPM) was held on Tuesday 19 July 2022 at the AE Building Fapet-UNUD was also attended by the Deputy Dean III, the representative of Ko. UP3M, Ko. UP2M, Ko. UPIKS, the sub-coordinators, as well as the Chair and Members of the BEM/BPM of the Faculty of Animal Science, Unud. In this event the Deputy Dean I of Fapet Unud conveyed the purpose and intent of holding this coordination meeting. "PKKMB and Student Day activities are merged into one activity, namely PKKMB only according to the guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Culture," said Dr. Warmadewi. The activity will be held for 2 days on 10-11 August 2022, with the first day agenda being filled with material by the dean (Dean, WD I, WDII, WD III, and S1 Koprodi) and the 2nd day the material is filled by the BEM student section /BPM, LPKM (PKM-GT), as well as motivators from alumni. The results of the meeting also appointed Mrs. Koprodi S1 Animal Husbandry Dr. Ir. Ni Putu Sriyani, S.Pt., MP., IPM. ASEAN Eng. as Chair of the PKKMB, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Udayana University in 2022. Ms. Koprodi S1 also collaborated with lecturers and students to become the core committee for the success of this PKKMB event. Deputy Dean III (Dr. I Nyoman Sumerta Miwada, S.Pt., M.P) added that "the formation of the committee will involve lecturers, staff and students". "According to directions from the rectorate, PKKMB activities are tolerated until pkl. 17.00 WITA and there is no gathering or meeting with new students before PKKMB day with the aim of controlling hazing between seniors and juniors," added Dr. Sumerta.