Postgraduate Unud learns the Implementation of Distance Education and Recognition of Past Learning ITS Postgraduate

Udayana University Postgraduate conducted a comparative study again, this time the activity was carried out on 1/6/2022) in the Rectorate Building Room of the University of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS),Surabaya. Director of Postgraduate Udayana University Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D and the group were received by Dr. Nur Syahroni, ST., MT., Ph.D (Head of Sub-Directorate of Academic Cooperation) and his staff. The purpose of this activity is to share about the management of Education Quality and PPID Management at ITS. As is known, ITS obtained Excellent Accreditation, Impact ranked 1 in Indonesia's version of THE, as well as an award with the title "Informative" from 2020-2021 in the Information Openness Award event from the Public Information Commission (KIP). Dr. Nur Syahroni, ST., MT., Ph.D conveyed his welcome and explained the ITS Postgraduate profile. "Thank you for accepting our group at the ITS Postgraduate Program," said Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D and explained the postgraduate profile of Udayana University. Dr. Nur Syahroni, ST., MT., Ph.D said that PPID ITS is not much different from Postgraduate Unud from the start of management and preparation, everything is presented in the form of websites and social media, "he said.

In terms of education, the ITS Postgraduate program carries out the PJJ Program. The PJJ program is divided into 4 classes, namely Regular PJJ, Cooperation PJJ, Professional PJJ, and Executive PJJ with each having different criteria. Join/Double Degree Programs as well as S2/S3 regular pathways/lectures and research. for professional programs all use the RPL pathway. ITS Postgraduate also develops Moodle-based LMS Learning. This is because the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) is flexible, open source as a learning management solution. ITS implements innovations in the field of new S2/S3 student admissions for S1 fresh graduates through Research Grants that provide scholarships to new students (SPP payment scheme through research grants). More Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D explained that Unud Postgraduate has 4 Study Programs, namely Master of Environmental Science, Master of Occupational Physiology Ergonomics, Doctor of Environmental Science, and Professional Engineer Program as well as Master of Health Law and Master of Sustainable Development and Finance in the opening process . Unud Postgraduate will apply by course and research. for the engineer profession program using the RPL and Regular pathways. In addition, the Postgraduate Program has a Join/Double Degree Program in collaboration with Yamaguchi University. "Unud Postgraduates will learn more about the Implementation of Distance Education and Recognition of ITS Postgraduate Past Learning so that they can be immediately applied to Unud Postgraduates," her said. The meeting continued with a question and answer session regarding the program management process, curriculum development, implementation of promotions, educational cooperation, research development for lecturers and students, and the composition of supporting lecturers.