LOI signing between FMipa Unud and Lumen Media (Upskill)

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at the Meeting Room of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Udayana University, Jimbaran FMIPA Unud signed the LOI with Lumen Media. This meeting was attended by the Dean of FMIPA - Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M.Sc, Ph.D, Deputy Dean for General Affairs and Finance - Dr. Drs. I Made Sukadana, M.Si, TU Coordinator and Academic and Cooperation Sub-Coordinator, and Lumen Media CEO Lumen Media - Maximilian Uhlig.

The meeting was held to follow up on the MOU between Udayana University and Lumen Media which was signed on May 25, 2022. In the meeting it was agreed on the details of cooperation, including those related to the field of cooperation and the use of Udayana FMipa infrastructure facilities by Upskill.

The meeting continued with the signing of the LOI by both parties. The agreed LOI is valid for the next 5 (five) years. Watiniasih hopes that the cooperation that has been going on so far can be improved and can continue for the next period. And can provide benefits for both parties. Max from Lumen Media also hopes that this collaboration can continue, and is willing to donate funds for several facilities and program developments at FMipa Unud.