Postgraduate Unud learns New Student Admission Innovation and International Accreditation AQAS UB Postgraduate Study Program

To improve the quality of input and enrich the learning process as well as internationalization, the Postgraduate of Udayana University, visited the Postgraduate School of Brawijaya University, Malang. This visit was carried out by the Postgraduate Director of Udayana University, Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D and her entourage on June 30, 2022. The Graduate Group of Udayana University was warmly received by the Acting Director of the Univ. Brawijaya Dr. Ir. Anthon Efani, MP along with the ranks. Dr. Ir. Anthon Efani, MP conveyed his welcome and explained the profile of ITS Postgraduate. "Thank you for accepting our group at the Brawijaya Postgraduate School," said Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D and explained the postgraduate profile of Udayana University. In his explanation, Dr. Ir. Anthon Efani, MP stated that Universitas Brawijaya has just transitioned from BLU to BH and the new Chancellor. And just carried out the AQAS international accreditation assessment for 65 study programs which cost almost Rp 70 billion. Universitas Brawijaya Postgraduate is the manager of multidisciplinary study programs while monodisciplinary study programs are managed by the faculty. in multidisciplinary study programs are divided into INTEREST. To attract new students, Universitas Brawijaya Postgraduate collaborates, for example BMKG and Bappenas and conducts Fast-track Program UB S1 graduates continue their S2/S3 in UB with internal funding from UB. In addition, promotion of new student admissions through Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc. New student admissions, UB offers Regular I, II, and III programs for all study programs in Postgraduate. There are differences in learning time services and facilities for the three regular programs. UB's new postgraduate admissions are open throughout the year. More from Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D explained that Unud Postgraduate has 4 Study Programs, namely Master of Environmental Science, Master of Occupational Physiology Ergonomics, Doctor of Environmental Science, and Professional Engineer Program as well as Master of Health Law and Master of Sustainable Development and Finance in the opening process . Unud Postgraduate will apply by course and research. for the engineer profession program using the RPL and Regular pathways. In addition, the Postgraduate Program has a Join/Double Degree Program in collaboration with Yamaguchi University. Postgraduates will soon implement the PJJ Program.

"Unud Postgraduates will learn more about the innovation of new student admissions and international accreditation in UB Postgraduate Study Programs so that they can be applied to Unud Postgraduates," her said. The meeting continued with a question and answer session regarding the program management process, curriculum development, implementation of promotions, educational cooperation, research development for lecturers and students, and the composition of supporting lecturers.