Academics Invited as Resource Persons in Focus Group Discussion of LEMHANAS RI


Denpasar, 5 Unud Faculty of Law academicians and 1 Unud FISIP academic were invited as resource persons in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) “Responding to the Strengthening of Transnational Ideology in Consolidating Democracy” organized by the Ditjian Ideology and Politics Debidjianstrat Lemhanas RI. The Lemhanas FGD was opened by the Deputy for Strategic Studies at Lemhanas RI (Prof. Dr. Ir. Reni Mayerni, MP), attended by the Director for Ideological and Political Studies of Lemhanas RI (Drs. Berlian Helmy, M.EC), the Head of the Long-Term Study Preparation Team (Mayjen. TNI (Purn) Dr. I Putu Sastra Wingarta, SIP, M.Sc., Dean of FH Unud, Dean of FISIP Unud, Professor of FH Unud in Criminal Law and State Administrative Law, 2 Doctorates in Law and Society, International Law and participants from Lemhanas RI. Transnational ideology infiltrates through the weak, the world of education, the plurality of Indonesian society and social media to weaken Pancasila as the state ideology. There is a need for democratic consolidation to strengthen the Pancasila ideology which is described in short, medium and long term strategies by carrying out the concept of unity and national unity, improving the quality of human rights, improving community welfare, Pancasila education (formal and informal), still upholding local wisdom l and no less important is the obligation of the State to regulate information technology issues because we are in the era of society 5.0. (UPIKS&IT FH Unud Team)