Intensively Improving Academic Quality, FISIP Udayana Collaborates with IDB Bali

Denpasar, In order to optimize the implementation of the independent learning program on an independent campus and at the same time expand the network of cooperation, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University cooperates with the Bali Institute of Design and Business related to the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and the Independent Learning Program. The signing was carried out by the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Dr. Drs. I Nengah Punia with Deputy Chancellor I of the Bali Design and Business Institute, Putu Darmawan, S.Kom., M.M., and witnessed by the Coordinator of the Udayana Communication Studies Program, I Dewa Ayu Sugiarica Joni, S.Sos., M.A. (30/06/2022)

This collaboration is intended to create synergy between FISIP Udayana and IDB Bali in the fields of education, research, and community service, as well as support from the MBKM program. It should be noted that the focal point of this collaboration is the communication science study program. Furthermore, this collaboration is also the basis for maximizing the academic activities of both parties in the form of implementing other activities, such as joint research, lecturer exchanges, student exchanges, and so on.

This collaboration is expected to open up space for all study programs within FISIP Udayana to join as implementers. In the near future, the outcome of this collaboration will be realized in the form of learning in the Communication Studies study program which contains material on Visual Communication Design (DKV). (tr)