Workshop Revisi Kurikulum MBKM FISIP

Denpasar, Learning Development Unit and Quality Assurance (UP3M) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University held a workshop entitled "Workshop on Revision of the MBKM FISIP Curriculum" together with Prof. Dr. Ir. Men's Doubles GP, M.P., as speaker, Putu Titah Kawitri Resen, S.I.P., M.A., as activity coordinator, and guided by Sukma Sushanti, S.SI., M.Sc. (24/06/2022)

The workshop, which was held online at 08.30 WITA, discussed the topic of curriculum novelty to support the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) program at the study program level within the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University. This activity is intended so that each study program has the same understanding in articulating the ministry's program in this case MBKM, which is implied in the learning curriculum.

In the discussion, there were several things that became the focus of the discussion, such as the issue of the independent apprenticeship scheme and the MBKM apprenticeship scheme, technical issues in each study program, and how to respond to the impact of the previous curricula that were still running.

"Regarding problems in independent internships, it is recommended that each study program directs its students to the MBKM scheme," explained GP Ganda Putra. Considering that the independent MBKM apprenticeship scheme has various problems, one of the most crucial is regarding apprenticeship activities that are not recognized by the IKU (Key Performance Indicators). Therefore, it is advisable to follow the scheme from the ministry or make a mature self-internship preparation that is adjusted to the KPI requirements.

In addition to the interests of curriculum preparation in the future, it is hoped that the outcome of this activity can be useful for academic activities, especially those related to the smooth implementation of ministry programs and independent programs, the achievement of graduate indicators, and also has an impact on the profile of graduates in FISIP. So that later, FISIP Udayana graduates will have cognitive qualities and professional skills that can be useful for the community. (tr)