The Communication Studies study program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University collaborated with the Rumah Baca Foundation to carry out a service work program this time. Located in Peguyangan, North Denpasar, precisely at the residence of Mrs. Luh Sri as the manager of the Rumah Baca Foundation, the foundation focuses on teaching English to elementary and junior high school students voluntarily.

Different from teaching done in schools. The Rumah Baca has a unique and fun teaching method, which is to always provide snacks for its students as a reward for their enthusiasm for learning English. "Children often lose interest in learning, especially in an era that makes it easy for them to play online games on gadgets, so they must be given something and also fun teaching such as being given songs so that they want to learn English," said Bu Luh Sri.

Collaborating with the Rumah Baca, the Communication Studies Program brings students who are interested as volunteer teachers in a service work program that will be carried out for four days, namely on 22, 23, 29 and 30 with the peak activity namely "Treasure Hunt", where At the peak of the activity, the children will play games which of course relate to what they have learned with the volunteers for three days.


Seasoned with games and snacks for those who are able to answer the questions correctly, the enthusiasm of the children was seen during the study session with the volunteers which was held on the first day of Wednesday afternoon.