Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Masters and Doctoral Academic Guidelines

Postgraduate of Udayana University held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activity with discussion material on the Preparation of Academic Guidebooks (Pedomic) for Masters and Doctoral Programs. This FGD activity took place in the Unud Postgraduate Hall, Wednesday (15/6/2022). This event also invited the Deans, Coordinators of Masters and Doctoral Study Programs and was opened by the Chancellor of Udayana University Prof.Dr.Ir. I Nyoman Gde Antara, M.Eng.IPU.

In his remarks, the Chancellor of Udayana University said “This FGD was carried out with the hope that this academic guideline was comprehensive and prospective. It should be noted that the Pedomik is adapted to the latest regulations so that it needs a lot of adjustments (Permendikbud No. 3 of 2020). The Pedomic is designed to achieve superior standards (point 4). However, in certain parts, 3 points are enough because the superior condition is 3.61".

Director of Postgraduate Prof. Ir. Linawati, M.Eng.Sc.,Ph.D said "This Academic Manual is a reference for all Masters and Doctoral academics in all processes of academic activities. Academic Guidelines are an important thing for improving the quality of an education. one academic device/equipment for students and other academics, in order to provide a common guideline, for the smooth implementation of academic and student activities at Udayana University ".

According to him, this manual should also be able to encourage students to be more focused in their lectures, effectively and efficiently, and later produce competitive and superior alumni.

In the discussion session, the FGD team conveyed the points that would be discussed in the FGD activities. namely regarding the Study Period, Sanctions, Process Stages, Student Communication, Academic Atmosphere, capacity, by research and by cost.

"The success of the study as for the thoughts, we cannot make academic guidelines that are perfect for all because of the diversity of study programs. What is meant by diversity here is that there are study programs that are empty of enthusiasts and there are also lots of enthusiasts and we have to accommodate that and also we have to pay attention to accreditation." said the Director of Postgraduate

The Chancellor of Udayana University responded "I want Masters and Doctoral Degrees, especially Doctoral Degrees, to go by research, not necessarily by cost, if you can go directly to the lab once you finish semester 1".

The Chancellor added, "To make it easier for students to graduate but neglecting quality is wrong for me. Don't say that quality is hindering it is wrong, so that we run smoothly, the condition is that we lower it too.

This Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is very interactive and discusses various things related to the preparation that must be done to complete the Masters and Doctoral Academic Guidelines. The question and answer session also went well. Based on the results of the discussion, the Academic Guidelines TEAM will consider various suggested things, which are adjusted to the program's vision and competencies. Finally, the visit for the FGD was finished and ended with a closing and a group photo session.