Supporting the Development of Renewable Energy, Faculty of Engineering Holds National Seminar Attended by Government Agencies

Concerned about the environment and the condition of the earth which is increasingly concerning, the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University held a seminar with the topic "Regulation and Opportunities for Solar Rooftop to accelerate the Renewable Energy Mix", in order to increase public awareness of the environment. In this seminar presenting several resource persons who are experienced in this matter. This seminar was attended by several government agencies and universities in Bali. To achieve this activity in the seminar, one of the topics that became the core of the discussion was utilizing solar energy (solar panels) which was converted into electrical energy. By utilizing solar energy it will reduce CO2 or air pollution so as to create a healthy or green environment.

"With the existence of new and renewable energy, in addition to utilization for efficiency, it turns out that the results of renewable energy products are equivalent to a reduction in emissions from the use of coal by around 154.81 tons, a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to 183.84 tons, and equivalent to planting 252 shady trees. After using a solar power plant, The House Of Representatives Of The Republic Of Indonesia experienced a decrease in the cost of using electricity by approximately 100-200 million per month, "said Mr. Waluyo SE., MAP., as one of the speakers who attended the seminar.

The initial step that will be taken by the relevant parties themselves is to conduct a survey of how many will register themselves in order to determine the Standard Operating Procedure and KWH Exim Export Import infrastructure so that customers can immediately come to the Customer Service Unit. However, in moving customers is certainly not an easy thing, it is clear from what was conveyed by the State Electricity Company. In his explanation, he invites Providers to participate in moving customers. In addition, he also added that a definite place is needed to build a solar power plant so that if it is already standing, it will not be demolished again.

Of course, in setting up a solar power plant will face many obstacles, one of which is cost. However, these problems can be overcome by the participation of PT Agra as a partner in this activity. The State Electricity Company itself said that PT Agra's participation in this activity is expected to be able to overcome these problems. The advantage of using solar power plants for customers is lowering the payment of electricity costs. Then, the customer lease scenario does not issue an investment but the finance party who issues the investment, where the customer only rents out the roof but has added value to them, namely paying less for electricity.

The government itself has carried out this activity where in the seminar it was shown that in collaboration with PT Agra Surya Energi The House Of Representatives Of The Republic Of Indonesia has built a rooftop solar power plant with an area of ??8,600 meters, occupying the Nusantara 2 building space, Nusantara. 3, Nusantara 4, General Secretariat Building of The House Of Representatives Of The Republic Of Indonesia, Mechanical Building and Indonesian Solar Energy Monument. The State Electricity Company itself hopes that all stakeholders will move on how to support customers. So that the first customer can understand what the requirements are, including existing partner associations and others helping all stakeholders in carrying out the acceleration at this solar power plant so that it can really be fast and our front line already has a vision of Standard Operating Procedure the same one.