UNUD International Relations Study Program Welcomes the Partnership with Kemenlu RI

Denpasar, 10/06/2022 FISIP Unud Campus is again exploring cooperation with Kemenlu RI, this time for the "South-South" outreach activity. The arrival of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Irvan Fachrizal and Fachry Sulaiman, was welcomed by the Deputy Dean III, Dr. I Made Anom Wiranata with several lecturers from the International Relations Study Program. The topic of "South-South" international cooperation has actually been going on for about 10 decades, but the issue is not very popular among academics or as a research subject. Therefore, the purpose of socialization is to increase student interest and/or research interest in order to enrich the scientific study of International Relations. In addition, the discussion also discussed cooperation opportunities offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the form of internships, student exchanges, teacher/lecturer exchanges, and research/publication collaborations between FISIP Unud and universities in the ASEAN region. This meeting is broadly useful for adding to the partnership network for the International Relations study program, as well as optimizing opportunities for institutional collaboration, particularly in supporting the Independent Learning-Independent Campus education program.