Saturday, (28/5/2022). The Student Association of the Public Administration Study Program carried out Community Service which was carried out at the Kertha Payangan Village Campground, Gianyar. The Environmental Care Room activity or known as the ‘Ruang Peka’ collaborated with Ni Wayan Supriliyani, S.Sos., M.AP as a Lecturer of Public Administration as well as the Chief Executive of Community Service activities. This activity was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University, Lecturer of Public Administration, Ormawa FISIP, Head of Kertha Village, Head of Kertha Village, invitees and Kertha Village community and speakers as resource persons in seminar activities.

Ruang Peka activity started at 09.30 WITA which was started by singing the anthem Indonesia Raya, Mars FISIP and Mars Public Administration. This was followed by a report from the chairman of the committee by Ni Kadek Paramita Damayanti and a report by Ni Wayan Supriliyani, S.Sos., M.AP as the Chief Executive. The activity continued with remarks given by Made Gunawan SP., SH., M.Par as the Head of Kertha Village and ended with remarks and the opening of the event by the Coordinator of the Public Administration Study Program, I Putu Dharmanu Yudartha, S.Sos., M.PA.

The series of Ruang Peka events this year presented a seminar with the theme "Tourism Village Development Strategy" by presenting Anak Agung Gede Putrawan, S.Sos., M.Si as resource persons and Anak Agung Made Sri Santi Pratiwi as moderators who guided the event. Anak Agung Gede Putrawan, S.Sos., M.Si as a resource person explained that the tourism village strategy is very necessary in advancing the economy of rural communities. The strategies that can be used are the tourism village parameters including accessibility, potential attraction data and human resources, commitment from the village head, community support, stages and policies that support the existence of a tourist village. The seminar ended with the awarding of certificates of appreciation for resource persons, moderators and the Kertha Village party represented by the Kertha Village Head as well as a documentation session.

This activity was enthusiastically welcomed by the people of Kertha Village which was also marked by the community's volunteerism in participating in seminars and other activities carried out by the committee. Kertha Village is an area that has tourism potential and plantations that have the potential to be developed. Therefore, the organizing committee for the Ruang Peka activity chose Kertha Village by emphasizing devotion in the form of developing the potential of a tourist village.

In addition to the seminar, a series of other activities carried out by the Ruang Peka committee were the provision and installation of signposts and floor plans for Kertha Village to provide directions that would also be able to improve village facilities. By continuing to apply the health protocol, the Ruang Peka event in 2022 was successfully carried out. At the end of the event, the Peka Room activities were closed with documentation and gratitude and thanks to Kertha Village and the invitees who had attended.