Introducing Ethnographic Research: Political Science Udayana Presents Geger Riyanto in Guest Lecture Activities

Denpasar, To introduce research using ethnographic methods directly from an anthropologist to students, the Political Science study program at Udayana University held an online guest lecture with the theme "Political Ethnography". (24/05/2022)


This guest lecture invited Geger Riyanto, who is an anthropologist as well as a doctoral student at the Institut für Ethnologie der Universität Heidelberg, as a speaker. This activity was opened by the Coordinator of the Political Science Study Program, Dr. Tedi Erviantono, S.IP. M.Sc., and guided by Gede Indra Pramana, S.IP., M.A., as a lecturer in Political Science, Udayana Udayana.


On this occasion, Geger Riyanto shared an introduction to ethnographic research, obstacles, and potentials in ethnographic research, and also accompanied his experiences during 7 years of ethnographic research.


"Although there are several barriers, such as time, language, and adaptation to society, the resulting data is more in-depth and related to publications, ethnographic research has great prospects because the data can be adapted to several other topics," said Geger.


The activity which lasted for three hours was attended by some political science lecturers and 105 participants from both the general public and Udayana political science students. Participants' enthusiasm for the material in this guest lecture was shown by responses and questions from students and also from lecturers related to several things, such as how to verify data, and the potential for differences in drawing conclusions that could have an impact on the public.


It is hoped that this activity can increase students' understanding of research using ethnographic methods, and this activity can be continued in the next opportunity and with more in-depth topics. (tr)